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Fuji LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, 26247007

Fuji LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, 26247007


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Fuji has launched new part # 15716800 for this cartridge with the same specifications and compatibility.

The Fuji 26247007/15716800 is an LTO-4 Ultrium tape cartridge. The 26247007 has a capacity of 1.6 TB of compressed data and 800 MB of native data. Transfer rates for the LTO ultrium 4 media is 240 MB/s compressed & 120 MB/s native. The tapes uses a precise dual servo technology that is accurately written on the storage reel. The Nanocubic technology used by Fuji in its products ensure that the cartridge has a very smooth surface, thereby ensuring minimum noise and improving reading/recording accuracy. LTO4 including this backup solution has 256-bit encryption which offers higher level of security during storage as well as transportation.

Additional Information

Main Specification

New Part #

Tape Drive


Fuji LTO Ultrium 4

Native Capacity

800 GB

Compressed Capacity

1600 GB

Transfer Rate (Compressed)

Up to 120 MB/s (Up to 240 MB/s)

Number of Tracks


Cartridge Memory

65,280 Bits (8,160 Bytes); Internal EEPROM

Tape Thickness (Nominal)

6.6 µm

Tape Length

820 m

Cartridge Dimensions (L x W x H)

102 x 105.4 x 21.5 mm