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IBM 08L9870 LTO-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (200GB/400GB)

IBM 08L9870 LTO-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (200GB/400GB)


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Business that wishes to succeed should ensure regular data backups. IT administrators are always looking for new devices that will give them maximum protection, scalability, security, high data recording density and longer archival life. Most importantly, these companies demand that their new device should be in-expensive.

Such a device might sound impossible but it is not. The IBM Company made sure that they develop devices like these so that their customers can enjoy the benefits of a fast efficient data storage device at a good price.

IBM LTO-2 tape is one of the popular small-segment backup solutions that give you everything from robustness, scalability to high speed storage/retrieval.

  • With 200 gigabytes capacity, this small-sized 08L9870 cartridge gives you the opportunity to save entry level server data onto few tapes. And if the small businesses need more backup capacity, then they can create more your space for your data through compression. In this way, users would have a magnificent 400 gigabytes.
  • IBM ultrium 2 has 40/80 megabytes per second processing rate, well suited for this class.
  • 2:1 compression features allows storage of large database with superior performance.
  • 08L9870 media cartridge has 512 tracks, which have been intelligently managed by IBM.

Additional Information

Product Description


IBM Storage media - LTO Ultrium

Media Included Qty


Native Capacity

200 GB

Compressed Capacity

400 GB

Tape Length

610 m

Recording Standard

Ultrium 2

Manufacturer Warranty

10 years warranty