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IBM LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, 95P4436

IBM LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, 95P4436


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The IBM LTO-4 with the part number 95P4436 has 800 GB & 1.6 TB capacity. Transfer rates of this backup media are 80 MB/s for native and acclerates to 160MB/s. Ultrium 4 tape is compatible with auto-loaders and LTO-5 drives as well. IBM carefully designed it while keeping in view the LTO standards so this is compatible with next generation. These media tapes also contain the LTO-CM (Linear Tape Open Cartridge Memory) which saves cartridge usage related information such as past usage and errors history - readable using an memery reader. This is not equipped with all drives so external readers can also be used if the LTO-CM is missing.

Additional Information

Product Description


800 GB (1.6 TB with 2:1 compression)


Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)

Substrate thickness

0.00020 in (5.0 microns)

Total tape thickness

0.00026 in (6.6 microns)

Tape length

2690 ft (820 m)

Magnetic coercivity

215,700 A/m or 2710 Oe