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IBM 95P4437 LTO-4 20/Pack Backup Tapes Cartridge (800GB/1600GB w/ Barcode Lables)

IBM 95P4437 LTO-4 20/Pack Backup Tapes Cartridge (800GB/1600GB w/ Barcode Lables)


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IBM 95P4437 offers rugged and compact backup medium and the smart barcode labels. 20 tapes featuring strong base film for 280Mbps data processing. IBM has embedded outstanding media coating for these LTO ultrium 4 cartridges. Squeeze 1600 gigabyte information on this portable media, and share large corporate databases.


For better security, users can create backups with WORM tapes. All LTO-4 systems manage large business data, whereas their mechanism of encryption makes sensitive files unreadable. With lesser equipment, medium-range company data can be managed. IBM 95P4437 is product choice of organizations seeking inexpensive security solution to minimize human intervention and storage system complexity.

Space efficiency

Pile up more tapes in your media shelf, and quickly retrieve the required information. Bar code labels save time, and help track the media inventory in cost effective manner.

Ultrium 4 tapes are reliable option for your system up-gradation. Business documents can be stored and the LTO5 drives can read this media as well.

Additional Information

Main Specification

Tape Drive

LTO Ultrium 4

Native Capacity

800 GB

Compressed Capacity

1600 GB

Transfer Rate (Compressed)

Up to 120 MB/s (Up to 240 MB/s)

Number of Tracks


Cartridge Memory

65,280 Bits (8,160 Bytes); Internal EEPROM

Tape Thickness (Nominal)

6.6 µm

Tape Length

820 m

Cartridge Dimensions (L x W x H)

102 x 105.4 x 21.5 mm