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Maxell 183850 LTO-2 Backup Tape Cartridge

Maxell 183850 LTO-2 Backup Tape Cartridge


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All organizations irrespective of their size need some type of data storage backup system which can manage their vulnerable data efficiently and provide a reliable and secure data storage. Maxell is one of the leading manufacturers of data storage tapes which offer businesses a perfect solution to their data storage problems. Maxell LTO ultrium 2, model number 183850 is designed to meet the storage requirements of small to medium scale organizations. The features of this tape are mentioned below.

  • Maxell LTO-2 tape offers its clients a large data storage capacity of storing up to 200GB of raw data. Well, after data compression, this tape can store almost 400GB of data.
  • It helps in providing more data storage space as it offers a data compression rate of 2:1.
  • Moreover, the backup tape model 183850 is helpful in improving the overall efficiency of the business by providing a fast data transfer speed of 40MB per sec.
  • Also, this Maxell LTO2 media tape provides a remarkable durability. Businesses can store data in this tape for their long term use. The manufacturer of this tape offers its clients complete assurance of superior quality.