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Maxell 183907 LTO-4 Backup WORM Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB)

Maxell 183907 LTO-4 Backup WORM Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB)


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Organizations all around the world are installing backup systems. So they are protected against all data threats. Linear Tape Open technology is their first choice as it caters large to small-range storage needs. Maxell offers long-lasting LTO ultrium media tapes including all generations. In addition to rewritable tape, the LTO-4 media family comprises of 183907 (WORM cartridge).


This security technology is efficient and ideal for value-conscious customers with rapidly-growing storage requirements. “Write Once Read Many” features in multiple versions from LTO3 to LTO ultrium 6 as well as the upcoming generations.

  • According to the LTO4 specifications, the capacity per cartridge is 800/1600 GB.
  • Intensify company-wide data security.
  • Maxell 183907 is the compelling medium for companies seeking highest level of security.
  • Cartridge is acknowledged for long term reliability.
  • 120 to 240 MB/sec speed matches your server applications.
  • Excellent accuracy for automated and manual backup tasks.
  • Manage operations in tape libraries and busy I.T centers.
  • Smaller cartridge size means easy media handling, off-site transportation and efficient inventory management

Additional Information

Main Specification

Tape Drive

LTO Ultrium 4-WORM

Native Capacity

800 GB

Compressed Capacity

1600 GB

Transfer Rate (Compressed)

Up to 120 MB/s (Up to 240 MB/s)

Number of Tracks


Cartridge Memory

65,280 Bits (8,160 Bytes); Internal EEPROM

Tape Thickness (Nominal)

6.6 µm

Tape Length

820 m

Cartridge Dimensions (L x W x H)

102 x 105.4 x 21.5 mm