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Maxell LTO 5 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, 229323

Maxell LTO 5 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, 229323


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Maxell LTO media tapes stand apart, as they are robustly designed. Enormous capacity in terabytes, compressed (3.0 TB) and raw (1.5TB).


Ultra fine Magnetic Particles

Users enjoy superior storage performance with this Maxell-branded tape that meets the specifications of LTO ultrium 5 generation. Thin ceramic layer has enhanced robustness, and the durable chemical linkage ensures superior stability required for fast archiving. In addition, advanced binding technology has been used to further boost reliability, a smart approach by Maxell.


Transfer Speed

140Mbps and the advantageous functionality of compression (2:1).


Strong Base Film

Highly rigid tape reel accurately records and retrieves information. Backup speed of LTO-5 drive in compression further elevates to 280MB/s. part number of this high-density and rugged storage medium is 229323.


Improved Servo Writing Feature

Massive capacity of this small tape has been achieved by increasing data tracks that are almost 1.4 times higher than fourth generation. In addition, precise tracking reliability is ensured by exceptionally smooth magnetic surface and high-tech servo writing mechanism.


Built-in Cartridge Memory

Color of this Maxell 229323 cartridge is unique (reddish brown), so data administrators can easily recognize it. Drives can perform fast searching as this LTO5 tape stores usage information on 8 KB memory chip.