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Quantum LTO 9 Ultrium Data Cartridge, MR-L9MQN-01

Quantum LTO 9 Ultrium Data Cartridge, MR-L9MQN-01


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Quantum LTO 9 Ultrium Data Cartridge - MR-L9MQN-01

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Mitigate Cyber Risks with Big Data Archives using LTO-9 tapes

The latest innovations in LTO technology are addressing today's most pressing data storage challenges:

Unrelentless cyber threats & Exponential data growth

LTO Tape Technology is a proven solution against modern cyberattacks by offering a layer of protection called air gapping.
Most Tape Libraries take it a step further by offering a built-in off-network secure vault called Active Vault that hides and secures the data placed in that partition and is invisible to the backup software. In combination with the latest LTO-9 technology, you can offer ultimate security with the ability to store up to 45 TB* of compressed capacity per cartridge.