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Quantum LTO-3 Backup Tape Cartridge (400GB/800GB)

Quantum LTO-3 Backup Tape Cartridge (400GB/800GB)


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Quantum is providing data storage and backup solutions to the home users and professional environments. They have engineered the MR-L3MQN-01 data cartridge which is a member of LTO-3 data backup tapes family. High performance and data security are ensured after deploying these cartridges to meet small scale data backup needs. Businesses and individuals are not willing to lose the valuable data at any cost, for that Quantum Ultrium 3 tape is engineered while keeping in view the industry standards and features of the LTO-3 family.

  • You can avail the enhanced recording capacity of 400 GB for native data which is 800Gb in case of compressed information.
  • The data transfer rate is also improved as compared to previous LTO-2 series and now you can transfer the data as fast as 60MB/Sec for native information.
  • This cartridge is functional with LTO-4 and LTO-5 tape drives hence you can use them while upgrading and enhancing your data backup capacity.
  • Worm technology extends the cartridge life, so you can use this for a larger time span.
  • The MR-L3MQN-01 also features the LTO-CM which allows to maintain data usage statistics, etc.

Additional Information

Product Description

Media Type

Quantum LTO Ultrium

Storage Removable / Native Capacity

400 GB

Compressed Capacity

800 GB



Recording Standard

Ultrium 3