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Quantum LTO 6 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape (Metal Particle), MR-L6MQN-03

Quantum LTO 6 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape (Metal Particle), MR-L6MQN-03


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In this technologically advanced era, every organization is struggling hard for competitive advantage. Superior cost efficiency is required for backup systems that allow company data to be preserved quickly and securely.

Quantum is the giant in backup technology and provides one of the best smart solutions for all businesses. Their latest MR-L6MQN-03 cartridge enables massive data backups along with the super fast speed of LTO ultrium 6 version (400MB/s). The tapes are inexpensive and high-performance attributes have been incorporated by Quantum.

Ensuring data security
With AES encryption, this LTO6 format provides unmatched security to extremely precious data files. Tampering and unintentional corruption can be prevented with WORM feature.

Backup efficiency and impressive storage density
Entire data volume of your large center can be preserved and archived with minimal investment. Thanks to 6.25TB data capacity, the bulky backup devices can now be discarded.

Data management
Partitioning capability of LTO ultrium 6 allows efficient management and fast retrieval from this MR-L6MQN-03 cartridge. LTFS feature is the intelligent functionality that handles large databases and offers benefits of dual partition.

Full height architecture drives and the compact LTO-6 drives built on small height.


Additional Information

General Information
Manufacturer: Quantum Corporation
Part Number: MR-L6MQN-03
Product Name: MR-L6MQN-03 LTO Ultrium 6 Data Cartridge
Product Type: Data Cartridge
Technical Information
Tape Technology: LTO Ultrium - LTO-6
Storage Capacity: 2.50 TB (Native)/6.25 TB (Compressed)
Tape Length: 2775.59 ft Storage
Drive Supported: LTO Ultrium 6 (Read/Write)
Physical Characteristics
Height: 4.2"
Width: 0.9"
Length: 4.0"