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Sony LTX200GWW LTO-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (200GB/400GB)

Sony LTX200GWW LTO-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (200GB/400GB)


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Robust Storage Tape
Sony offers the most durable, inexpensive and long lasting LTO ultrium tapes. Strong, uniform magnetic layer has been developed for this second generation LTO Ultirum 2 cartridge.


Superior Media Quality
The tapes are released after they comply with the strict quality standards and pass the verification test. Leading backup medium for medium-small scale since 2002. Strictly controlled manufacturing process ensures precise data tracking and highest level of reliability for fast paced backup tasks.


High Storage Capacity

Track density of this LTX200GWW media has been increased to provide the best backup efficiency per unit area. 200/400GB suits all small-sized and also satisfies most of the medium range customers.



The thin magnetic layer allows fast tape movement, thus elevating the data rate to uncompressed 40Mbps. Cartridge memory is also a breakthrough technology that has accelerated data access of this Sony LTX200GWW.


Backward read/write Support
With the convenience of backward compatibility, LTO-2 format extends the LTO-1 investment.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sony
Manufacturer Part # LTX200GWW
Product Description Sony - LTO Ultrium x 1 - 200 GB
Type LTO Ultrium
Tape Cartridge Ultrium 2
Media Included Qty 1
Colour Violet
Native Capacity 200 GB
Compressed Capacity 400 GB
Tape Length 609 m
Colour Violet
Humidity Range Operating 10 - 80%
Max Operating Temperature 45C
Max Storage Temperature 32C
Min Operating Temperature 10C
Min Storage Temperature 16C
Tape Length 609 m
Standard Warranty: Lifetime Limited - Worldwide