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TDK LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, D2407-LTO4

TDK LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, D2407-LTO4


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The TDK D2407-LTO4 is a fourth generation ultrium 4 tape as is evident from the part number. The cartridge shell of this LTO-4 is blue-green in color and the storage capacity is 800 GB native & 1.6 TB compressed. The transfer rate for the media cartridge is 120 MB/s uncompressed & 240 MB/s compressed. The cartridges also features 256-bit encryption which ensures that your data is well protected. The tapes are compatible with LTO 4 drives and auto-loaders. It is not compatible with LTO-1, LTO-2 or LTO3. It has been developed with employs Super Finavinx, a tape coating formulation that has proven long term durability in real world applications. Thus you can rest assured that the storage cartridge will reliably store your information.

Additional Information

Product Description



Recording Capacity

800GB (1.6TB)

Data Transfer Rate (Compressed)

120MB/s (240MB/s)

Tape Type

Metal Particle (MP)

Coercive Force (kA/m)


Built-in IC Memory (Byte)


Number of Data Tracks


Coding Channel


Tape Width (mm)


Tape Thickness (µm)